Majlis gotong-royong kali ke-2 sempena penyediaan bilik operasi sementara EVAS dan memasang sistem CCTV di sekitar banggunan balai PBSBBC dan juga aktiviti lain seperti memesin rumput, menebang pokok dan mengecat bangunan balai

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Milena: on 29 May 2013 19:08

sekarang ni ramai yang tengah demam smart phone cuma aku ajer yang agak kgagneialtn jauh masih guna 3310 lagi namun benda canggih bukan nak menyusahkan malah kalau tau gunanya macam-macam kita boleh gunakan segala aplikasi smart phone nibuat pembaca blog kamifirestartingautomobil.blogspot.combukandoktorveterinar.blogspot.comJom Terjah entry terbaru ??

Wajid: on 29 May 2013 20:22

I love princess moonnoke! and naruto and bleach and omg! I love almost all those anime you mentioned. And also I agree with you.

Josh: on 29 May 2013 21:11

how are the sleepers going to feel when they wake up and reailze they’re on a (clearly mandatory) donor list, and might be needed at any time?Crystallizing what was in my head when I was thinking of this .the ship has two compliments of people on board.Colonists spent a bunch of time training in homesteading, farming, minor terraforming (I'm assuming a relatively habitable destination planet), plus the range of skills and sciences needed to start a civilization at something higher than late-medieval level. They're in cold sleep. Their skills and knowledge are part of the payload of the ship, along with the seeds, embryonic and cold-slept livestock, etc. They are, culturally, from the world they came from (assume Earth). When they wake up, they expect to recreate that culture, or one very like it. Their population is somewhere in the mid triple digits.Crew are a completely separate community, something around a hundred strong. They have a constructed (and agreed-upon by their g?-grandparents) culture designed to get the payload of the ship to its destination. They all know, at least intellectually, that their culture is temporary, because when they make planetfall the colonists will form the majority.I was further assuming that the cold-sleep capsules and technology aren't readily capable of being intricately tinkered with on-ship. Specifically, once a capsule is opened, the sleeper wakes, and it may not be possible to put them back to sleep safely.So opening the cold storage and lopping off a finger or two wouldn't really work. But the crew don't believe that their individual physical integrity is important enough to sacrifice the payload the mission for. I can see some tension if a crew member has a skillset that they haven't passed on, and have a weak heart; of course there's then the temptation to crack a capsule and use a compatible one. But if one of the shared values of the ship is that the mission delivery of the intact payload to the destination is more important than individual lives, then that option is off the table. Suggesting it is, quite seriously, taboo.The fallout from this is that skills have to be redundant. There will probably be explicit tracking of a whole bunch of abilities, to ensure that no crucial skill has too few practitioners. I'm not talking about knowledge (the collection of facts on a given topic), but skill (the internalization of that knowledge, plus a bunch of experience, plus the muscle-memory of how to do the things in question).An interesting story one that's knocking about in my head is what happens if the crew have to wake a colonist while still en route.Consider one of the agricultural experts (a highly redundant skill in the colonist population, so waking one doesn't diminish the pool of expertise too much). She goes to sleep thinking she'll wake on a new world with all of the people she's been training with, these last ten years or so. Maybe she has a partner asleep in the next capsule over, as well as all of her friends and colleagues.She wakes up to find herself surrounded by oddly-dressed people she doesn't recognize, all showing signs of nutritional deficiency. Something's gone wrong in Hydroponics, and they needed to wake her or the mission will fail. She's got to work with this essentially alien community to solve the problem. And then, at the end of it, she has to choose whether to live the rest of her life with them, or go back into coldsleep, with the risk that it will fail and she will die.

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